alabama pharmacy tech

  • This website is used to aid in the completion of our Alabama Board of Pharmacy Approved Pharmacy Technician Program
  • “Alabama Pharmacy Tech” is a ALBOP approved course
  • Please review the following regarding “680-X-2-.14 The Role of Technicians in Pharmacies in Alabama” website:

Contact us Prior to Payment!!!!!

  • If you’re interested in completing the course — please contact us prior to payment!!!

Follow these Steps

  1. Send an email to the following address:
  2. In the subject of the email type “Your First Name Your Last Name_Resume”
  3. Attach your resume to the email
  4. In the body of the email message, state why you desire to become a “Registered Pharmacy Technician” in the State of Alabama
  5. Once we’ve discussed your intention and you have been approved for the course; please make payment of the non-refundable $25 course fee
  6. Your purchase will give you access to a downloadable PDF document that has the course codes for the password protected content (Modules, Quizzes, Final Exam, Practice Questions, etc.)

The course fee is **Non-refundable**! Once you have paid. You have 90 days from the date of payment to complete the course. 

  1. Please review prior to your purchase: How to earn your certificate of completion
  2. Once payment has been made — you will have access to downloadable PDF file that will give you access to the passwords needed to complete the course content.

Best of LUCK!